Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back again....

I have been gone from blog world for a long time. We have been working on finishing our homeschool year and getting all the needed paperwork in place for next year. Then, we can enjoy summer without thinking about any of it!!!

I have to share Joey's picture he drew last night. In case you can't tell, it is a portrait of me. He was so funny. He came and showed it to me and I told him I loved it. He asked me if I wanted to keep it, so of course I said yes. He then proceeded to tell me I had to buy it. He's 4 - what in the world?

I do have to point out that it is the first picture I've seen him draw with a body (note picture below - no body - also me - trust me, those of you who do not know me - I do not have a unibrow, even if he ALWAYS draws me with one!)

I absolutely love to see the creativity in my kids when they draw. I truly cherish the things they give me!