Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Joey

We received our referral for Shi Wen Bo, our Joey, in April 2006. This was our first look at him. It would be 4 long months before we got to hold him in our arms. We met Joey in a hallway of the Civil Affairs office in Xinjiang Province, NW China on August 7, 2006. He wandered into the hall when we got there and looked so small and lost. He wouldn't look at us and tried so hard not to cry. It was absolutely heartbreaking. He greived and greived and we felt so powerless.
God has brought our family together and He is so good. We watched Joey's heart heal and we watched his ability to trust and love us grow over the next weeks and months. A beautiful thing to see and experience. The joy in his laugh and smile are such a gift.

What a difference a year makes - this is our 12 month post-placement photo.

Just because I find him to be just plain crazy cute...

Ready to love a little brother...

We love you so much JoJo. You are sweet beyond words and you have added so much to our lives these past 3 years.